Other Voices, Other Rooms…

From Rules of Thumb: “I Hate Local Music” by Tony Are

From Hudson Dance: ‘Tis the season… So here’s a round-up of Nippertown performances of “The Nutcracker” – from Schenectady to Albany to Pittsfield – this holiday season.

From the Light in Darkness: Photographer and frequent Nippertown contributor Martin Benjamin has posted his memories (and a bunch of great photos, too) of Bruce Springsteen concerts – “1975-2012: A Journey of Shooting the Boss”

From Arts Talk: The return of arts writer/movie critic Amy Biancolli to The Times Union

From Ultimate Ears Presents…: An interview with Dan McCarroll – Delmar native and longtime drummer on the Albany music scene with such bands as the Kingpins, the Todd Nelson Band and Doc Scanlon’s Rhythm Boys, to name just a few – who now just happens to be president of Capitol and Virgin Records.

From The Times Union: We somehow missed the notice of the passing of Barbara Katz, the tireless, ubiquitous dancing lady, but then we caught Lauren Stanforth’s story.

From All Over Albany: It seems that a bit of UAlbany architecture made an appearance on “Parks and Recreation” recently…

From Keep Albany Boring: KC reports on the NYC hip-hop duo the Adventures of Kaila and the Kid, who are wrapping up a week-long tour of Nippertown venues, which wraps up tonight at the Bayou Cafe in Albany.

From Chuck Miller: That Coca-Cola “ghost sign” on Broadway in Schenectady is transformed into a new Miller “dream window”…

From Foss Forward: Inspired by witnessing John Waters’ Christmas performance at The Egg last weekend, Sara Foss weighs in on her personal fave “unconventional Christmas films.”

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