Burns and Murray: Oldcastle’s New Theatre, New Musical “Northern Boulevard” [Berkshire on Stage]

Northern Boulevard at Oldcastle Theatre Company
Northern Boulevard at Oldcastle Theatre Company

by Gail Burns and Larry Murray
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The new facility

Larry Murray: It was a special night for Bennington, Vermont, with the opening of a brand new theatre by the Oldcastle Theatre Company and the premiere performance of Northern Boulevard, an impressive new musical by Bennington composer Carleton Carpenter, all watched over by a full house of residents, supporters and friends.

Gail Burns: From the opening comments by Eric Peterson, it seems to be a million dollar addition to downtown Bennington – neither of the company’s previous homes have been downtown. If the community embraces this new location, it could have the same sort of impact on Bennington that the Barrington Stage Company and the newly reburbished Colonial Theatre has had on Pittsfield.

Larry: I think the new facility is both efficient and flexible, design wise, being a large black box with movable seating modules, which are both nicely raked seating for great sight lines and quite comfortable. I didn’t think about my bum for 2.5 hours, which is not always the case in even the newest theaters.

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