Local Bands By the Numbers…

In a recent story on the CRUMBS Blog, Ralph Renna stated:

“A typical Capital Region 518 band will rehearse once a week, play twice a month locally, and usually has a life span of six months to 2 years.”

Really? None of those numbers seem to match up with my musical experience, but maybe I’m an anomaly…

So I’m just curious, Local 518 musicians, how do those numbers square with bands that you’ve been in?

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  1. Frank says

    Having been in bands, oh some 30 years or so, yes some have lasted 2 years at best,
    Others like my 2 current music endeavors Big Frank and the Bargain Bingers going on 9 years and the Knyghts of Fuzz about 4 years, neither band plays out every month but it’s about more than that.

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