Nipper’s Cool Holiday Gift Suggestion #12

Seth Kaufman: The King of PainGIFT: Seth Kaufman’s “The King of Pain: A Novel With Stories”
AVAILABLE FROM: Amazon and iTunes, etc.
COST: Book – $11.99; ebook – $5.99

Books are always a great gift idea. “The King of Pain” is the debut novel by Seth Kaufman, the former guitarist with one of Nippertown’s all-time most popular bands, Mambo-X. In addition, he wrote for Metroland, before heading to NYC and writing for the likes of The New York Post and TV Guide. He also plays in the band the Fancy Shapes, so if you want to give the complete Seth Kaufman gift pack this holiday season, you’re gonna want to pick up a copy of the band’s debut disc, Fun City, too.

Theremin Mini Kit
Moonshine Marshmallows
Edgar Allan Poe Lunch Box
“Joseph Cornell’s Manual of Marvels”
The Residents’ “Ultimate Box Set”
Ice Cream Sandwich Bench
Campus Queen Lunch Box
Jim Rua’s “Cafe Capriccio’s Chef’s Table”
The Obscure Giants of Acoustic Guitar trading card set
Peleg Design’s ZipMark
Shakespearean Insult Gum

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