LIVE: Cirque Dreams’ “Holidaze” @ Proctors, 12/30/12

Review by Paul Jossman

Once there was a very fancy department store that was famous for its Christmas window displays. One especially large display had Christmas decorations, elves, Santa, gingerbread men, a snow queen and many other colorful figures. One day a little girl was looking at the window with her grandmother and said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could come to life!” And to her surprise, they did.

When the figures realized they could move and talk, they quickly decided that they should put on a show for all the people who were gathering to see them through the big glass window. “I can spin a cylinder on my feet,” one of the elves exclaimed. “I can juggle some balls,” said another. “I can put my head between my legs,” said someone. “I can twirl a few hula hoops,” another said. “I can’t do anything, but I have some costumes that change color if I hide behind a curtain for a few seconds,” said another. Everyone had a stunt to do except a sad elf in the corner who said, “I can’t do anything and don’t have any props or anything.” And the rest of them said, “That’s OK, you can do an Elvis impersonation of a Christmas song,” and that’s what he did.

They did their show. It was long, and as time wore on, the teenagers left and said they would walk home. The dads slipped away and told their families they would be in the coffee shop. And the moms drifted to the back and chatted with each other. Just the grandmothers and kids stayed in the front to watch the whole show.

A show business promoter – who specialized in doing shows for conventions, army bases, Vegas lounges and cruise ships – heard about them, took them under his wing and put them on the road.

His friends wondered if he had them all signed to exclusive contracts so they wouldn’t leave and join the “famous Cirque” outfit. “That’s the absolute last thing I’m worried about”, he said.

And he was right.

Tresca Weinstein’s review at The Times Union

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