Best of 2012: Other Voices Round-Up

Nippertown has been publishing Best of 2012 lists by our contributors for the past couple of weeks (and we’ll have a few more for you next week). But here’s a round-up of some of the other Best of the Year lists that we’ve come across during our recent internet travels:

Top 60 Local 518 Songs of 2012 @ WEXT-FM

10 Best Regional Albums (David Malachowski) @ The Daily Freeman

Best Theater Productions (Jeffrey Borak) @ The Berkshire Eagle

Best Music Videos of 2012 @ Huffington Post

Top 35 Albums of 2012 (by WCDB-FM) @ Airwaves

Best 10 Films (John Waters) @ Artforum

Best 5 Jazz Albums (Albert Brooks, Rudy Lu, Jeff Nania, Brian Patneaude, Tom Pierce, Andrzej Pilarczyk, Alex Slomka, Randy Treece, Jeff Waggoner) @ Albany Jazz

Best Concerts of the Year (Kirsten Ferguson, Jeff Potter, David Greenberger) @ Metroland

10 Best Music Books of 2012 (Kenny Herzog) at Spin

Best in Food-Art 2012 (Nicole Caruth) @ Art 21

Nicole’s Top Whatever Albums of 2012 (Nicole Dellarocca) @ Dellarocca Booking

Some of My Favorite Things of 2012 (Sara Foss) @ Foss Forward

Top 10 Concerts of the Year (Jeremy D. Goodwin) @ The Berkshire Eagle

Top 10 Theater Productions of the Year (Bob Goepfert) @ The Troy Record

Top 21 Albums (J. Eric Smith) @ Indie Moines

Top 10 Films of the Year (Shawn Stone) @ Metroland

The 10 Best Music Documentaries (Josh Jackson) @ Paste

The Five Best Poetry Collections of 2012 (Barbara Hoffert) @ Library Journal

My Favorite Albums of 2012 (Seth Rogovoy) @ the Rogovoy Report

The Best Movie Posters of 2012 (Alastair Plumb) @ Empire

Best Album Covers of 2012 @ Pitchfork

15 Best TV Dramas of 2012 (Tim Goodman) @ The Hollywood Reporter

Top 10 Music DVDs of 2012 (Josh Hart) @ Guitar World

Tim Livingston
Pete Mason
Gene Sennes
Stanley Johnson

J Hunter
M.R. Poulopoulos
Fred Rudofsky
Richard Brody
Timothy Reidy
Fred Rudofsky, Part II
Thomas Dimopoulos
Ed Conway
J Hunter, Part II
Joel Patterson

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