Other Voices, Other Rooms

From Rural Intelligencer: Nichole Dupont’s story about the artwork of Scott Bartzsch, who is creating some very unique, custom air-brushed sneakers…

From the Free George: Ezra Prior writes about the Northampton-based electronica duo Home Body.

From Bargain Bin Blasphemer: The latest round of new artworks – pop album covers given a death metal make-over – from the Blasphemer includes “Elvis in Hell,” “Sick Contino & His Accordion from Hell,” “Satan & Garfunkel’s The Sounds of Pestilence” and others…

From Foss Forward: In the wake of the Oscar nominations, Sara Foss reviews two of the most controversial nominees – “Zero Dark Thirty” and Django Unchained.”

From Albany Jazz: Andrzej Pilarczyk’s photographs of jazz vocalist Jeanine Ouderkirk and her band at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday, January 9

From Arts Talk: Amy Biancolli reports that performance artist/musician C. Ryder Cooley has been named manager of MCLA’s Gallery 51 in North Adams.

From Keep Albany Boring: PHOTO OF THE WEEK

From Shoebox Blog: The Difference Between Taking Analog and Digital Photographs by Chuck & Beans

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