Los Straitjackets Rock “Conan” Tonight

Rensselaer native Eddie Angel leads his band of masked maverick musicians Los Straitjackets as they return to national television for yet another appearance with one of their biggest fans, Conan O’Brien.

Los Straitjackets will be rippin’ it up at 10pm tonight on “Conan” on TBS, as they crank up their amps and tear through the title track from their new album Jet Set. They’ll be guests on the show along with actors Emmy Rossum (“Beautiful Creatures”) and Dave Franco (“Warm Bodies”).

And the best news is that Los Straitjackets co-founder and twangmaster Daddy-O Grande (aka Danny Amis) will once again be playing with the band, following a life-threatening battle with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow.

Los Straitjackets played a two-night mid-week stand at the Ale House in Troy, which landed on a number of Best of the Year lists.

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