Join in the Music-Making Party at the RPM Challenge Kick-Off Jam @ Pauly’s Hotel

RPM Challenge Kick-Off Jam @ Pauly’s Hotel

The folks at the Albany Music Coalition are presenting the RPM Challenge Kick-Off Jam at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany at 8pm on Friday night (February 1).

The RPM Challenge, in case you don’t know, is an annual, non-competitive nationwide challenge for musicians to record an original album of music from scratch during the 28 days of the month of February.

One way to alleviate the pressure of creativity on demand to is to record an album’s worth of something/anything on Day One, which will then leave you free to explore and entertain your muse at your leisure for the rest of the month without the nearing deadline staring you in the face.

To that end, Albany Music Coalition is sponsoring the RPM Challenge Kick-Off Jam on Friday. Just bring your instrument (or just you voice) down to Pauly’s Hotel join in the musical festivities and – voila! – your RPM Challenge obligation will have been met. The evening’s procedings will be recorded and posted online.

And following the jam session/album recording, the festivities will continue with music by funk faves Oobleck and other musicians.

And admission to participate (or just watch) is free.

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  1. Tim says

    This looks like fun and if it was today, I would have been there. Good Luck to the Jammers.

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