New Release Rack: The Mysteios’ “Play Louder!”

The Mysteios: Play LouderJust when you thought it was safe to back into the garage… the Mysteios are back!

Led by raucous guitarist-vocalist Johnny Mystery, the fuzzed-out garage-rockin’ combo is back with their new release “Play Louder!” The six-song disc features such sure-to-be-classic nuggets as “Go Get It Somewhere Else,” “Cry Little Space Girl,” “15 Dizzy Chicks” and our favorite song-title of the year so far “Va Va Va Va Va Va Voodoo Bay-Bee.”

The disc was recorded at Don Fury Studio in Troy with Mr. Fury himself handling the production chores, which sounds like it should be a perfect fit for the Mysteios’ throwback, rumble-in-the-alley, raw-pop sound.

The Mysteios – also featuring drummer Mark La Rose, bassist Jo Mosrite and the aptly named Tambourine Girl – will unveil their new disc and celebrate with a live performance bash at the River Street Beat Shop in Troy at 2pm on Saturday (February 2). Admission is free.

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    I will be there for sure Saturday

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