Award Winning Greg Crewdson and Film “Brief Encounters” at Pittsfield’s Beacon Feb. 9 [Berkshire on Stage]

By Larry Murray

For Greg Crewdson, the Berkshires are his canvas. He has turned the nocturnal silence of the rural Berkshires into eerie stills of a motion picture. I first became aware of his work when the oversized works were on display at Mass MoCA in North Adams. They were the sort of images you could spend a lot of time with, imagining what had gone before the moment in time they represented.

To many, Crewdson is as an important chronicler of the Berkshires as was Norman Rockwell. Rockwell’s brush perfectly captured the last century, while Crewdson’s lens is the perfect medium in which to capture the fleeting images of the current one.

His scenes – each an artistic composition – have been shot in North Adams, Adams, Cheshire and Pittsfield, and they all suggest some sort of intricate story with characters, moods and clues usually only found in motion pictures. His process is meticulous in the extreme. And his unusual way of working has been captured in a very popular documentary film that seems impossible to see. It has always been sold out. But here’s another chance, an encore from the Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF).

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