The Blisterz Call It Quits?

The Blisterz
The Blisterz

Yes, it kinda looks that way…

Just last month we wrote about how the Local 518 rock trio had been immortalized in “The Concrete Pearl,” the latest mystery-thriller from the pen of author and former Blisterz drummer Vincent Zandri.

But now after one album (“Rebels Without Applause”) and seven years on the Nippertown music scene, the Blisterz are no more.

“Yes…you heard it correctly…The Blisterz are officially on hiatus. Will they ever come back…good question…nobody knows,” announced guitarist-vocalist-bandleader Davey Blister. “In the infamous words of Neil Young, ‘It’s better to burn out than fade away.’ We’d like to think we burned out like a white-hot flame at our last show.” For the record, that last show was on Saturday, January 19 at the Niverville Pub.

So what’s next on the horizon? Apparently fans of the Blisterz’s sound won’t have to wait long for the next chapter… Davey Blister has already moved on and formed a new band – Legendary Losers, who are currently scheduled to step into the spotlight for their debut at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany on Saturday, March 16.

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    they always wanted to be myspace friends.

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