Sean Rowe Makes Network TV Debut Tonight

Sean Rowe (photo by Timothy Reidy)
Sean Rowe (photo by Timothy Reidy)

Troy singer-songwriter Sean Rowe will be making his network television debut tonight on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And Rowe will be bringing along some other Nippertown musicians with him, too, including Railbird’s Sarah Pedinotti, Chris Kyle and Chris Carey. Bassist Ben Campbell rounds out Rowe’s backing band, which will be performing “Downwind” from Rowe’s Anti- Records album, The Salesman and the Shark.

Rowe won’t be the only Sean on the show, either. Kimmel’s other guests are comedian Ben Hoffman and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs at 11:30pm tonight on WTEN-TV.

  1. Dan Johnson says

    I’m really happy Sean is getting credit for his work but people need to stop acting like Jimmy Kimmel or ABC or whatever is more validating than the ten people that went to see Sean at the Daily Grind in Troy back in 2000…

    …or who went to see Paddy Kilrain, Knotworking, or the Kamikaze Hearts at the Larkin…

    …or who went to see any of a dozen other local writers who totally kick ass – not because they are validated by corporate empire but because they work hard at their craft.

    Albany needs to stop looking for validation from a wider world of tastemakers.

    Go Sean!

    Screw ABC.

  2. Greg says

    RE: Dan,

    Not sure what your argument is here. Certainly in my humble opinion Local 518 musicians like, let’s say Rosanne Raneri and Bryan Thomas, are more worthy of artistic praise than national chart-toppers like Britney Spears and Bruno Mars.

    Of course, in the real music business world, sales (quantity) tops quality (talent), but that’s not the way it works here at

    But I’ve got to disagree with your “Screw ABC” comment. Just because ABC-TV talent scouts weren’t there in Sean Rowe’s more formative days at Tess’ Lark Tavern or the Larkin, doesn’t mean that they need to be bad-mouthed for helping to spread the word about the current state of his talent.

    Young musicians like the Dependents, Olivia Qillio, CRUSH, Zan Strumfeld and many other impressive local talents don’t blossom full bloom out of their basements, ready for national spotlight.

    But that doesn’t mean that they’re any less talented – or have any less potential – than so many of the producer-driven acts that clog up the contemporary radio airwaves or the Billboard charts.

    If your point is to encourage music lovers to go out and support their local music scene, well then, I couldn’t agree more.

    But let’s not just bash the corporate music venues for being johnny-come-latelys to the support of the our Local 518 music scene.

  3. Dan Johnson says

    Yeah I knew when I was writing it my comment had the potential to come off kind of trollish… but that wasn’t really my intention.

    I guess it’s more a question – like why does attention from Jimmy Kimmel mean more than what Sean’s songs mean? What does that kind of attention really mean?

    Media and music have a weird kind of relationship – and sometimes the symbiosis can get a little off balance so that we get distracted by the lights and miss the substance.

    I consider the real music business as it is done at to be awesome. Thanks for all you do for dedicated and talented artists!

  4. Tim says

    It is important that he is on to perform in front a casual audience, and it is nationwide. He might have played better at Valentines or Caffe Lena this year, but it is nice to see great performers showcased.

  5. Tess says

    I am so proud of Sean because he works so hard! We listen to his music everyday at mcgearys and many customers comment on his voice. I feel lucky to be around so much local talent. Love tess

  6. Tom says

    And let’s not forget Sean’s band. Railbird is from Saratoga (now based in Brooklyn). The 518 is rich in musical talent. Phantogram and Mary Leigh and the Fauves come to mind. It’s my opinon that Sean will soon be known far and wide. So happy for everyone involved.

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