LIVE: The Chandler Travis Three-O @ Caffe Lena, 3/15/13

Review and video by Joel Patterson

The cult of true believers surrounding Chandler Travis and his acoustic quartet the Three-O continues to metastasize – and with good reason! At least, I hope they’re good reasons. Personally, I’m straight up a junkie for the guy’s therapeutic New Orleans-eated style blues, and his even more bewitching ballads with their soothing doses of rapture and transcendence. I feel like he’s inoculating me against cynicism and despair, somehow, just listening to it and soaking it in. Chemo for the soul, I call it. It ain’t long before you’re recognizing your fellow patients at these shindigs – the telltale symptoms of rabid devotion are unmistakable to an initiate. I ran into John Ripley, who typically had driven hours to get there. “By the last song [the exquisitely, loftily gorgeous “Things to You,”] my cheeks were wet.” He swabbed them with his fingers. “That’s what it’s about.”

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