New Concert Announced for Albany’s Alive at Five

File this one under “Well, they can’t all be winners…”

Yeah, it was looking like another gang-buster year for Albany’s free Alive at Five summer concerts when the first announcement of the summer turned out to be none other than funkmaster George Clinton.

Now the second announcement is being revealed, and it’s definitely not on the same level. Although there’s been no official announcement yet from the folks at the City of Albany’s Office of Special Events, Satisfaction – yes, a Rolling Stones tribute band – will be taking the stage at Albany’s Riverfront Park for the Alive at Five concert at 5pm on Thursday, July 11.

  1. The Rockin' Minister says

    I just threw up in my mouth

  2. Al Kash says

    YEAH,, Our tax $ going for this,, but its ART right,, ?? We have this guy in our own backyard,,, !!! * And kickin ass !!

  3. J Hunter says

    Face, meet palm. Palm, face; face, palm.

  4. Fred says

    Only Albany’s powers that be would hear The Rolling Stones’ lyric, “I can’t get no satisfaction”, correct its poetic double negative, and then book a Rolling Stones cover band called Satisfaction. Epic failure…

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