“Cry Baby Cry”: Christine Ohlman Meets George Brantley

Video by Joel Patterson

Live from Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, Christine Ohlman and her band Rebel Montez tell the tale behind the nearly forgotten soul song “Cry Baby Cry.”

Call it “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ‘Cry Baby Cry’ But Were Afraid to Ask.” The first six minutes of the above video features Christine telling the story of how she stumbled upon an inconspicuous record at a tag sale, and how it changed her life. Finally at long last she plays with her band Rebel Montez their own luxuriously smooth rendition – stately, haunting and heartrending.

George Brantley, who with his brother sang the original 1968 version (credited as “Van & Titus”), was there in the crowd at Caffe Lena, and then afterwards they all sat around talking about the blues as an art form and music in general. As the credits roll, we listen to the original ole 45…

LIVE: Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez @ Caffe Lena, 4/19/13
Five Firsts: Christine Ohlman of Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez

  1. Simone the Artist says

    Was there and it was as wonderful and as exciting as viewed. Electric, magical, sensitive and classy. George needs to resurface in strong form again. The revival is on its way.

  2. Denise Borden says

    Thank You Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez…Thank You Sarah Craig, Joe Deuel and Caffe Lena …
    Thank You George Brantley a.k.a Van of “Van & Titus” for turning a wonderful night of music into an extraordinary celebration of the power of a song to bring two artist together from 1000 miles apart to co-celebrate a song that they have each recorded some 40 years apart….THANK YOU Joel Patterson for believing in the song and capturing the memory ….and Chandler Travis for loving the song enough to talk about it and it’s artists on your website allowing these worlds to come together and giving a man a second chance at life-
    and Thank You to our wonderful new friends Simone the Artist for having the heart and soul to recognize and acknowledge what this is all about ….”Cry Baby Cry “

  3. Denise Borden says

    and a VERY BIG Thank YOU to Greg Haymes & Sara Ayers at Nippertown for helping us spread the Music The Art …the language ..the heartbeat of the scene -faithfully hour after hour..day after day…week after week..they are here for us giving us a venue to speak our common language and share the WORD ….I for one can’t begin to imagine a time or place without NIPPERTOWN !!!

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