“You Lust”: The Flaming Lips Meet Phantogram

Yeah, that’s Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel singing with Wayne Coyne at last month’s South by Southwest fest in Austin…

The new even-trippier-than-usual Flaming Lips album The Terror features the long-awaited collaboration with Nippertown’s own Phantogram. That’s right, Saratoga Springs’ fave electro-pop duo shares songwriting credit on the dark and oh-so-sprawling track “You Lust,” an ominous slab of bad-trip psychedelia that’s the centerpiece of the Lips’ new album.

One thing’s for sure, though. It ain’t pretty…

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  1. Rick Reuben says

    As a big Outkast and Lips fan I can’t say these latest new songs are something I’d listen to. But for Phantogram this must be one hell of a ride. What next? McCartney co-writes with them? Wilco and Modest Mouse both say they will never record again and will only play music if they can be the Phanto backing band? Skrillex vows to actually write a song for the first time, just to honor them?

    I don’t understand it. But good for them.

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