Review: Burns and Murray on Nunsenations! at Cohoes, NY Music Hall [Berkshire on Stage]


Larry Murray: Between the two of us we have these nuns covered – I’ve lived to tell about eight years at Holy Redeemer School with its sadistic Dominican nuns, and you have seen just about every sequel to Nunsense that has come along. Is that about right or am I having to go to confession and admit I have committed two exaggerations…

Gail M. Burns: I can’t vouch for your tales of Holy Redeemer, but I do know that I have seen barely half of the currently existing shows in the Nunsense fanchise – the original Nunsense, Nuncrackers, Meshuggah-Nuns, and now Nunsensations. There are three more – Nunsense II: The Second Coming, Nunsense III: Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Jamboree, and the new Nunset Boulevard – plus a couple of spin-offs – Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class and Nunsense A-Men (a drag version!)

Larry: And that’s before even mentioning the filmed episodes with Whoopi Goldberg and others having fun with the idea. But down to business. We are talking about Nunsensations in Cohoes, ably directed and choreographed by Tony Rivera, the third Nunsense production they’ve pulled off at the Cohoes Music Hall if I am not mistaken.

Gail: It is. C-R Productions mounted Meshuggah-Nuns in 2005 [Read Review] and Nuncrackers in 2008 [Read Review]. The former featured Katherine Pecevich as Mother Superior, Sister Mary Regina, and the latter Cynthia Thomas as Sister Mary Hubert, Mistress of Novices, both of whom are reprising those roles here.

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