The Figgs Shill for Lexus

Selling out or buying in?

The Figgs’ song “Je T’adore” – originally featured on their 2004 album Palais – has found new life as the soundtrack of a car commercial directed by Jordan Scott. Not just any car, either, but a Lexus RX.

Meanwhile, the Figgs’ Pete Donnelly – who co-authored the tune with drummer Pete Hayes – is slated to make a couple of homecoming appearances next week with his other band, the Wise Easy. They’ll be at the Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs at 7pm on Thursday, May 23 and at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany at 8pm on Friday, May 24. Hand Habits will open both shows.

  1. PhilthyRex says

    Pete Hayes is the Lexus of rock and roll! I hope people Shazam the shit out of this ad and get turned on to the streamlined fineness that is THE FIGGS! XOXO, Phil

  2. Kirsten says

    My only hope is that the Figgs got paid a sh*t ton of money for this ad. They deserve it.

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