Who Am I?

Who am I?

Yup, that’s Nipper on the right, who seems to be very attentively listening to the guy on the left in this 1980’s vintage photo. Do you know who it is?

We’ll reveal the answer on Wednesday…

UPDATE: GO HERE for the answer…

  1. mike says

    Did you know that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?

  2. Martyn says

    No idea, but that Psychic TV album in the background narrows the field quite a bit. Why is it that photos like this from the 80’s make it look like the 50’s? Has our color palate changes that much since then?

  3. Normando says

    Kevin DuBrow?

  4. TL says

    Richard Barone

  5. Frankie says

    Isn’t he one of the two guys from the Violent Femmes?

  6. Alan Beberwyck says

    Looks like a teenaged Stephen Leon of Metroland

  7. Rich says

    Richard Barone (former frontman from The Bongos)

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