EMPAC Announces Fall Season of Concerts & Events

EMPAC at RPI in Troy has announced its fall 2013 schedule of events, full of performances, talks, screenings, concerts, and whatnot that build bridges between art and technology.

In addition to the events listed below two more events by distinguished artist-in-residence Laurie Anderson will be announced soon.

Unless otherwise noted, all performance tickets are $18 general admission; $13 for students & seniors. Film screenings are $6; talks and installations are free.

Here’s the schedule:

DISCUSSION: Kris Verdonck’s “Ballad”
Saturday, September 7, 7pm
The Belgian theater maker and visual artist presents an open studio and lecture demonstration of the latest 3D techniques inspired by the apocalyptic science-fiction novels of J.G. Ballard.

PERFORMANCE: Julien Maire’s “Open Core”
Friday, September 20, 7pm
The French artist revisits 16th century public demonstrations of anatomic dissections with a performance in which he deconstructs cameras.

PERFORMANCE: Julien Maire’s “To Sublimate”
Saturday, September 21, 7pm
$13 / $6 Rensselaer students
A lecture-performance by the French artist stages experiments in search of a “blurry matter,” closely related to speed and optics, philosophy and mathematics.

TALK: Ewcia Borysiewicz’s “How a Sausage Dog Works”
Tuesday, September 24, 6pm
A talk on the political dimensions of Julian Józef Antoniszczak’s camera-less workshop.

TALK: Flip Phillips’ “Deconstructing Perception”
Wednesday, September 25, 6pm
The Skidmore College professor of psychology and neuroscience tackles questions about the nature of human visual perception.

SCREENING: Brent Green’s “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then”
Friday, September 27, 7:30pm
The DVD/Blu-ray release party for Green’s film, produced in conjunction with EMPAC. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Green. A copy of the release is included with the ticket purchase.

SCREENING/TALK: Samuel Beckett’s “Film”
Wednesday, October 2, 7:30pm
A rare screening of Samuel Beckett’s extraordinary “Film,” starring Buster Keaton in one of his last roles, followed by curator and film theorist Ed Halter’s lecture launching the A Door Ajar film series.

TALK: Randy Martin’s “Dance and Finance: Social Kinesthetics and Derivative Logics”
Wednesday, October 9, 6pm
A lecture by the New York University professor that finds connections between dance and finance.

PERFORMANCE: Bureau de l’APA’s “La Jeune-Fille et la Mort (The Young-Girl and Death)”
Saturday, October 12, 7pm
The Quebec-based ensemble takes the audience to a fantastical classroom, complete with textbooks, a ballet instructor, sound poetry, sculptures and a string quartet.

PERFORMANCE: Jeremy Xido’s “The Angola Project”
Saturday, October 19, 4pm
The premiere of a three-part solo performance that uses the tradition of 19th century travel lectures to chronicle Jeremy Xido’s personal journey to finance a film and confront the truths of mortality.

PERFORMANCE: William Basinski’s “Nocturnes”
Saturday, October 26, 8pm
Hypnotic, ambient, slowly evolving tape loop manipulations culled from 30-year-old decayed recordings.

SCREENING: “House (Hausu)”
Thursday, October 31, 7:30pm
A psychedelic Japanese cult horror classic about a demonic house, directed by Nobuhiko Ôbayashi.

PERFORMANCE: The Calder Quartet
Saturday, November 2, 8pm
A concert that frames Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” with Webern’s expressionist masterpiece, Mozart’s exquisitely crafted “Spring” and a work commissioned from film composer Don Davis.

Saturday, November 9, 7:30pm
A multi-channel, real-time sound synthesis, light installation and performance.

PERFORMANCE: Wojtek Ziemilski’s “Small Narration”
Saturday, November 16, 7pm
Personal and historical narratives intertwine in this lecture-performance, which uses contemporary choreography, historical documents and intimate storytelling to explore issues of identity and memory.

SCREENING: “In the Mood for Love”
Thursday, November 21, 7:30pm
Wong Kar-wai’s hauntingly beautiful film tells a story of unfulfilled relationships, the fallibility of memory and endings without resolution.

PERFORMANCE: Manuella Blackburn
Friday, November 22, 8pm
The acousmatic composer performs in the dark, with the audience surrounded by loudspeakers.

PERFORMANCE: Wojtek Ziemilski’s “Central Intelligence Agency”
Saturday, November 23, 7pm
Choreography, historical documents and intimate storytelling are utilized to explore issues of identity and memory.

SCREENING: “Mulholland Drive”
Thursday, December 5, 7:30pm
David Lynch’s 2001 surrealist neo-noir film looks at the collective dream that is Los Angeles through the lens of a famously disjointed and cryptic narrative.

PERFORMANCE: Craig Taborn & Vicky Chow
Friday, December 6, 7:30pm
New music champion Chow and jazz luminary Taborn present solo piano sets showcasing virtuosity from different sides of the musical spectrum.

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