Theater for the Brave of Heart…

Salem Art Works, the 100-plus-acre sculpture garden in Salem, is hosting what very well may be the most adventurous theater presentation of the summer… Kipuka Theater’s 12-hour production of “The Disastrous Tale of Vera & Linus,” written by Jesse Ball and Thordis Bjornsdottir.

There is a man and a woman who live a devious life, which is, of course, always beautiful, as such things are. They live in the forest of a dream, untethered from time, passionately yet dangerously entwined. These Fated Two are reckless wanderers and outlaws, wanted for the crimes of kidnapping, arson and murder. Together they explore the dark valleys and moon-filled nights of their imagined landscape, encountering angels and ghosts, lost children and talking animals.

NOTE: Audience members should be prepared for rocky and uneven terrain. Shoes are recommended.

The performance will take place from 10am-10pm on Saturday (August 3), and admission is free.

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