Festival Fever: Scum Fest II in Berne, 9/1/13

Remember the ’80s?

Some of you longtime Local 518 music fans may recall Scumfest, a punk fest that took place back in 1982.

Well, apparently even punks get nostalgic, and now more than three decades later, it seems as though some of those same musicians – as well as those inspired by them – are getting together this weekend for Scumfest II.

The big bash is slated for 12:30pm on Sunday (September 1) at 1269 Helderberg Trail in Berne – about as far away from the once thriving downtown punk scene as you could possibly get. Admission is a $12 donation, which includes a catered meal (?!?). And while we’re on the topic of things un-punk, we were horrified to hear that some of the bands – we’re not going to name any names here – were actually rehearsing for the fest.

UPDATED: 8/31/13): At latest report, the bands slated to rachet it up for Scum Fest 2013 include (in estimated order of appearance):

Sadistic Gerbils
Moon Worship
The Savage Randys
The Plague
Mark Boil
Jim Whiting (acoustic)
Terminal Hardware
Lumpen Proles
Chloroform Party
Acceptable Exceptions

The Extras, Jim Romano (of Capitle) and Bourbon Scum – who had previously been announced as performers – have apparently bowed out of the proceedings and will not be performing.

UPDATE: (8/31/13): Chloroform Party has been added to the bill, replacing Bourbon Scum.

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  1. Paul says

    Can’t wait, SexPunks a little hardcore, postpunk and will we get to see Mr. Eck playing bass again? The ghost of Lark street will be haunting the hill town.

  2. Michael Eck says

    Good lord, I haven’t even owned a bass in years, but yes, I bought a nice white one and I will bring the thunder (as long as someone loans me a big amp).

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