“Scott and Hem in the Garden of Allah” at Barrington Stage Co. [Berkshire on Stage]

(photo: Stephen Sorokoff)
(photo: Stephen Sorokoff)

Theater Review by Gail M. Burns

“[F. Scott Fitzgerald] lived [at the Garden of Allah apartment complex] in those years just before dating the young pastry named Sheila Graham and trying to finish ‘The Last Tycoon’ and struggling to make sense of studio employment and fighting an uphill battle to stay sober by drinking a lot of Coca-Cola.” – Walt Lockley

It is the Fourth of July, 1937, and Ernest Hemingway (Ted Koch) comes to pay a call on Scott Fitzgerald (Joey Collins) at his Garden of Allah bungalow. He is in Hollywood screening his Spanish Civil War documentary to the glitterati to raise money for ambulances. Fitzgerald is pretty much under house arrest and enforced sobriety, monitored by a personal assistant to Louis B. Mayer, one Miss Evelyn Montaigne (Angela Pierce), while he finishes a screen adaptation of Erich Remarque’s Three Comrades.

Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda, is mentally ill and institutionalized in North Carolina. Their daughter, Scottie, is at boarding school in Connecticut. His relationship with Graham is about to begin. Hemingway’s second wife, Pauline, is at their ranch in Wyoming, and he has already begun a relationship with the woman who will become his third wife.

Neither man is happy.

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