Glistening Music from Oneohtrix Point Never at EMPAC at RPI, 9/12/13 [Berkshire on Stage]

Oneohtrix Point Never – a k a the ambient-noise musician Daniel Lopatin – generally forgoes percussion altogether, instead creating beautiful, glistening caverns of space that shift in sneaky, oceanic fashion. At once they’re vast and also slippery. But something as pedestrian as a beat? Never that.

The Brooklyn-based composer creates music that is often described as “cinematic” and “orchestral.” While broad in range, Lopatin does not ignore the small stuff; his sound engineering crafts and controls every detail and effect. Pulling from a wide range of influences—synth sounds, television commercials, classical minimalism, and high-end audio production—Lopatin condenses the disparate sounds to form music that slopes forward with self-contained narratives.

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