T-Shirt Slogans @ Farm Aid at SPAC, 9/21/13

t-shirtA random sampling of t-shirts spotted at Farm Aid at Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Saturday (September 21):

The Felice Brothers
Tillman 42
Vermont Natural Beef
Dude, I Think This Whole Town Is High
Fair Trade
New York Jets
Shamrock Jack’s
Jerome John Garcia
Real Men Drive Tractors
Jameson Whiskey
Eat at Home? Fuggedaboudit!
Peace Patrol, Woodstock ’99

Heart and Soul
Wine Grape Grower
The Bridge School
Booze Staff
Lu Lu’s Cirrhosis by the Sea
Taste of Country Music Festival
Sure You Can Trust Your Government? Just Ask an Indian
Blue Moon
Rolling Stone
Basketball Never Stops
Dirty Dick’s Crab House
New Orleans
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Loyal to None
Washington Redskins
John Deere
Eric Clapton
Buffalo Sabres
Local Food Is Primary Care
Adam Sandler, The Waterboy
Longhorns, Texas
I’m a Fun Guy
Earth, Beauty, Truth
God Bless Saturday
Mountain Dew
Old Orchard Beach
In Dirt We Trust
Make Gardens, Not War
We Are Warriors
West 44
Canandagua Aquatic Staff
Johnny Cash, the Man in Black
Wilco 2012
Simply Amazing
Life Is Good
Love Pink
Luke Bryan
Channel 4, San Diego
Rochester Soccer
What the Frack?
Honey Bee: Support Beekeepers
Never Smoke Shitty Weed
Adirondack Nationals, 2013
Bitch #1
Genessee Beer & Ale
Tiger Basebell
Earl’s Hideaway Lounge
Whiskey Chick
Keep Vermont Weird
Happy Trails
Willie or Bust
The Goonies
Sons of Anarchy
The Ramones
Chevrolet Genuine Parts
Magic Hat
Summerfest Milwaukee
Oneonta Yankees
Work Is for People Who Don’t Hunt
Choose Your Own Adventure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Got Scotch?
The Misfits
Virginia Is for Lovers

Buffalo Bills

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