Other Voices, Other Rooms…

From Chuck Miller: Writer-photographer-record collector Chuck Miller always has his ear to the ground for unusual tunes, but he really snagged a prize with “The Ballad of Albany.” And then he managed to dig up some more info on the tune

From Berkshire On Stage: Larry Murray examines the just released National Arts Index and the Berkshire breakdown. His conclusion? The Berkshire arts economy is growing amidst strong headwinds…

From Foss Forward: Sara Foss weighs in with her Fall Concert Preview

From the Rogovoy Report: Seth Rogovoy previews the Hudson Opera House’s Gala, which is being held on Saturday (September 28) at Basilica Hudson.

From Shouts & Murmurs: Seth Kaufman (guitarist with the late Mambo-X and author of the novel, “The King of Pain”) lands his tale “In My Teen-age Dystopian Movie” on the New Yorker’s humor blog.

From Rural Intelligence: Jamie Larson offers a round-up of some of Columbia County’s oldest bars – from Jackson’s Old Chatham House in Old Chatham to the Iron Horse in Hudson…

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  2. michael eck says

    “I bet five bucks Chuck Miller would know it.”

    Norman, I believe you owe me a fin!

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