A Cabinet of Curiosities Performed in “Death and the Young-Girl” at EMPAC in Troy [Berkshire on Stage]

Death and the Young-Girl (photo: Robert Bouthillier)
“Death and the Young-Girl” (photo: Robert Bouthillier)

There are several unusual – and endlessly fascinating – programs at EMPAC in Troy in the coming days. Most interesting is theatrical experimentation that conflates sound poetry, classroom lessons from a one-of-a-kind ballet instructor, songs, sculptures and music by a string quartet which combine to form a multifaceted and symbolic portrait of “the Young-Girl.” Created by Québec-based Bureau de l’APA, and presented by the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, on Saturday, October 12 at 7pm it is another chance to see what the cutting edge artists of today are doing to push the creative envelope.

Inspired by a treatise by the French collective Tiqqun titled “Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl,” Bureau de l’APA’s “La Jeune-Fille et la Mort (Death and the Young-Girl)” illustrates in fragments the concept of the “girlization” of the world so characteristic of our era of over-consumption and pathological seduction. According to the texts, “the Young-Girl is not always young; more and more frequently, she is not even female. She is the figure of total integration in a disintegrating social totality.”

Ferociously undisciplined and rigorously unruly, Bureau de l’APA generate emotion in uncommon ways as they deconstruct ideas, words and clichés and hijack eras, genres and styles. Blasts of protest have never blown with such grace on our certainties and convictions.

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