A New Home for Valentine’s Music Hall?


Cagney’s is taking on a new life, and Howard Glassman is at the helm. Yes, Glassman – who is being forced to shutter his Valentine’s Music Hall to make way for Albany Medical Center’s redevelopment of the Park South neighborhood – has purchased Cagney’s, the former bar on Albany’s Central Avenue next to Pauly’s Hotel and across the street from WAMC-FM.

After 15 years of operating Valentine’s on New Scotland Avenue, Glassman isn’t sure whether the new venue will keep the Valentine’s name or exactly when it will open, but it will definitely be rockin’. He promises that the new club will be open daily and feature live music from Wednesday through Saturday, in addition to poetry nights and other events.

Glassman still hasn’t been given a timetable of when he’ll need to vacate Valentine’s before the wrecking ball hits, but the nightspot currently has shows booked through the end of December, wrapping up the year with the Figgs’ annual holiday homecoming (Friday, December 20) and the reunion of ska-rockers Can’t Say (Friday, December 27).

The relocation to Cagney’s sounds like a smart move, and it will create a music destination hub at the corner of Central Avenue and Quail Street, which is already home to Pauly’s Hotel and WAMC-FM’s Performing Arts Studio The Linda. And it’s a neighborhood that Glassman knows well, having served as the longtime manager of The Linda until 2011.

We wish you the best of luck in your new venture, Howe. And we can’t wait to rock out in your new digs…

  1. PK Miller says

    My question may be unanswerable but why has the City abdicated its responsibility with regard to Park South, seemingly giving Albany Medical Center carte blanche to do what they wish, regardless of citizen input, indeed, damn the citizens, full speed ahead. Yes, certain aspects of the neighborhood need to be cleaned up. Whatever one thinks of Roger Ploof, he rents to a tenant to whom no one else would rent, espec. the welfare/section 8 client. Perhaps, if DSS had a program that would help people develop both home management & parental skills, there would not be such stigma. There was a program in Chicago re 20 years ago, “Mama Sez” where they had people who went into the homes of social services recipients w/young children & did that. I’m sure it was long ago defunded. Something also needs to be done w/the Boys Club whenever it will be vacated. (Thought this was settled >a year ago????)

    When we have a new adminsitration, Albany needs to take back the process & make sure CITIZENS are informed, have their voice heard & taken into account or SMALLbany will be facing a multitude of lawsuits.

    That being said, Howard Glassman is a class act & I’m glad he[‘s doing something w/Cagneys. Central Ave is suffering. Surfeit of abandoned buildings, fly by night “businesses” etc. It once was the premiere shopping district of Albany but has fallen into neglect & become a gigantic SLUM w/a few exceptions including WAMC & The Linda. I wonder how many, like the “bookstore” on Central & Lexington, are front for drug dealing.

  2. Richard Brody says

    I second PK Miller’s concern about due process in Albany’s “redevelopment”. I also want to second the support for Howard Glassman’s decision to continue providing us with topnotch music.

  3. michael eck says

    Howard, rock it brother. Would we even have an Albany music scene without you?

  4. LP says

    Sounds good Howard.

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