Meet & Greet: Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck @ the Palace Theatre, 10/8/13

Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck @ The Palace Theatre, Albany
Well, hello there: Al Jardine, Jeff Beck, Rick Bedrosian, Brian Wilson and David Marks.

Rick Bedrosian – of Hair of the Dog and Hey Jude – was at the meet & greet prior to Tuesday’s concert by Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck at Albany’s Palace Theatre. He described the pre-show event as “extremely creepy.”

LIVE: Jeff Beck @ the Palace Theatre, 10/8/13
LIVE: Brian Wilson @ the Palace Theatre, 10/8/13

  1. Mike Huber says

    “extremely creepy.” Oh man, that’s a teaser. More of the story, pls!

  2. michael eck says

    Yeah, you should hear how those dudes described Ricky!

  3. Joe Botts says

    Do share details. Meet & greets can be strange. Lisa Marie Presley requested a photo before granting a pass to her meet & greet in Boston at the beginning if her last tour. I pressed her people for a reason and was told it was for security reasons. I told them I have seen 3 presidents, and have never been asked to submit a photo as a condition for access. I said I’d gladly forward a picture if I was selected from the random drawing. Needless to say I didn’t meet LMP.

  4. Don Ackerman says

    Extremely creepy indeed. I heard that right before this photo was taken, Beck forced Rick to squeal like a pig while Brian recorded the audio for an upcoming Pet Sounds 2 album.

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