LIVE: MaryLeigh Roohan @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 10/12/13

Story and video by Joel Patterson
Photograph by Rich Borden

I love Fate. I love how it puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. I love how I found a perfectly crisp $10 bill outside of Valentine’s last Saturday night, just lying on the sidewalk waiting for me. Far more amazing: chancing onto MaryLeigh Roohan, who opened the evening’s show for punk’s great grandfather Willie Alexander.

MaryLeigh has a soulful, irresistible, take-no-prisoners voice, and her songs are sweet, simple and layered with sophisticated depths of emotion. She’s one of those people where the performance and the polish and the incredible joy she gets from singing all combine in an insanely rad way. And to think – in an alternate universe, I would have missed the show!

COMING UP: MaryLeigh Roohan celebrates the release of her new solo album, “Skin and Bone,” at the Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs on Friday, November 8.

Sneak Peek: MaryLeigh Roohan’s Upcoming Album, “Skin and Bone”

MaryLeigh Roohan
MaryLeigh Roohan
  1. Denise Borden says

    Congratulations to Mary Leigh Roohan on her upcoming new release “Skin & Bone ” …she is an outstanding talent giving voice to a soul & center far older than her years ….she is a radiant performer and We loved seeing and hearing her performance last weekend when she opened for Willie Alexander at Valentines …Thanks to Joel Patterson of Mountaintop studios for this great video ~

  2. Denise Borden says

    Willie Alexander performed with his wonderful band “The Fish Eye Brothers ” at the Valentines Show Saturday Oct 12th …I failed to mention WA’s wonderful band during my comments about MaryLeigh’s performance . The Fish Eye Brothers, in addition to Willie Alexander, are Jim Doherty -drums and Mark Chenevert -Sax & Clarinet~ They are based in Gloucester MA

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