LIVE: Willie “Loco” Alexander & the Fish Eye Brothers @ Valentine’s, 10/12/13

Story and video by Joel Patterson
Photographs by Rich Borden

Tribal, jungle rhythms. That’s all punk was – that’s all any music is, anyway – something to motivate you to dance and/or writhe. Any era’s “underground” music will always be about taboos being wrenched out of their sockets and sacred cows keeling over. It’s when this music speaks to the core of what a generation believes, when it provides a framework to understand the world and our place in it, well then mister, you’ve got real, true pop culture.

Part of all that in our time has been Willie Alexander, a fragile, crazed, sensitive rocker of the old school. At Valentine’s Music Hall last Saturday (October 12) he totally lost himself in the swaying, hammering heartbeat of his nimble-witted songs, each one like a decree, the testament of a true believer. At 70, he’s more than twice as old as someone not to trust, but he was VERY convincing. Accompanied by the dynamic duo of Jim Doherty (drums) and Mark Chenevert (horns.)

Willie "Loco" Alexander
Willie “Loco” Alexander
Willie "Loco" Alexander & the Fish Eye Brothers
Willie “Loco” Alexander & the Fish Eye Brothers
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  1. Denise Borden says

    a pure night of MAGIC…the long awaited return of Willie Alexander to the Capital District of NY State ..and although the wait was long it all seemed like time had stood still between the shows all those years ago at the Hullabaloo and QE2 and this past Saturday nights performance at Valentines…Willie’s energy, passion and delivery of his music remains the same if not better than ever …and standing front center of his outstanding band The Fish Eye Brothers with Mark Chenevert horns and Jim Doherty -drums …His joy in performing with this band was evident from start to finish of this stellar performance ….Thank You Willie Alexander & The Fish Eye Brothers for bringing the music back to us … Howard Glassman of Valentines for hosting Willie Alexander & The Fish Eye Brothers ..Thank You Joel Patterson for video recording this great night of music and THANK YOU NIPPERTOWN, Sara & Greg for EVERYTHING YOU DO in keeping the music and arts fluid ~

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