LIVE: Roger Hodgson @ The Egg, 10/22/13

Roger Hodgson
Roger Hodgson

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

From Roger Hodgson’s Tour Blog: “What a warm welcome we received tonight in Albany, NY at The Egg Performing Arts Center. One of our special guests backstage after the show was a young lady by the name of Philomena who is celebrating her 80th birthday this week. Philomena’s daughter, Kristy, won our Facebook contest for two tickets and two backstage passes for the Albany show and Kristy surprised her mom with a photo with Roger after the show. There were smiles all around and what a night to remember for them. We saw three generations in the audience who were all equally enjoying the concert. How wonderful it is for us to see families enjoying Roger’s music and creating new memories.

“While The Egg is a very unique venue, it has great acoustics and a very intimate feeling to it. Before we even left the venue, several people asked if we would return. We certainly hope to!”

NOTE: If you missed his show at The Egg (or if you just want to see more), Roger Hodgson and his band will be playing at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona at 8pm on Thursday (October 24). Tickets are $68.75.

Excerpt from Brian McElhiney’s review at The Daily Gazette: “Roger Hodgson took a nearly full house at The Egg’s Hart Theatre on a trip Tuesday night down musical memory lane, while throwing in enough curveballs to escape the tired nostalgia act cliches. The former Supertramp frontman and songwriter hit on all the old favorites, of course, ‘Take the Long Way Home,’ ‘Breakfast in America’ (from which this U.S. tour takes its title), ‘The Logical Song’ and ‘Dreamer’ chief among them. With a powerhouse four-piece band backing him up, Hodgson proved the years since Supertramp’s 1970s and ’80s heyday have been kind — his boyish tenor can still strafe the stratosphere, and his playing on keyboard, piano and guitar was all superb. But it was the stuff in between that was the revelation, including tracks from his three underappreciated solo albums and deep cuts from the Supertramp back catalog, all of which made the case for Hodgson’s consistency over the years.”

Kevin Adamson and Aaron Macdonald
Kevin Adamson and Aaron Macdonald
Aaron Macdonald and David J. Carpenter
David J. Carpenter and Aaron Macdonald
Roger Hodgson
Roger Hodgson
  1. Mike says

    The show was great from beginning to end. A truly wonderful musical event. Great pictures Andre !

  2. Lucy says

    Spot on review! My only complaint is that the concert didn’t last all night! I have never seen an artist with a catalog like Roger Hodgson. Song after song had memories flooding back and what a night it was! Tight, fantastic band and Roger’s angelic voice sounds even better today than on my Supertramp vinyls. I am planning a road trip as I write this. I am not going to let the year go by without seeing Roger in concert again! Several shows this week in NY and NJ! See details on Events at

  3. Roger Busha says

    This was a great show. One of the few concerts that I didn’t have to wear earplugs. The sound was clear and crisp. Kudos to whoever was running the soundboard and of course Roger’s voice was spot on. The only thing that would make the show better would be the addition of another guitar player to play some lead riffs and rhythm. The Egg is a great venue and I plan on keeping my eye on upcoming shows even though I live 2 hours away from the Capitol District I’d rather drive to it than go down to New York City. Hopefully Roger will return so I can bring my wife to the show.

  4. Andrew Gregory says

    Missed this show, but really glad to see Andrzej’s pro photos.

  5. Heartsong62 says

    Well spoke! For so many who have been fans for years or just discovered Roger’s magic….From the moment Roger walked onto the stage with his band, the audience started to feel the spell he was weaving. For some it took several songs before they were started to feel the magic, others they had waited a long time to experience Roger live, and did he give them a performance. Roger was exceptionally light hearted and offered the his humorous side to the audience. It was easy to see how comfortable he was with his audience and they were with him and the band. All one had to do is close their eyes and hear the notes of the past but with this lineup much more vibrant and fresh, for Roger sounds better then ever!! Look for a performance close to you, travels as I did, to see Roger in action, it is worth every penny!! Be warned, you will want to feel his performances again and again……

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