Remembering the Cowboy Blues with Don Edwards: Time to Saddle Up for Mass MoCA, Pardner… [Berkshire on Stage]

From the Don Edwards’ album cover “Kin to the Wind”.
From the Don Edwards’ album cover “Kin to the Wind”

Cowboys and guitars used to be as ubiquitous as spaghetti westerns and meatball scripts. Sure, times may change, but soulful cowboy ballads are still a heartfelt and distinctive denim blue. Nobody knows this better than Grammy-nominated singer and guitarist Don Edwards. Equal parts historian, musicologist, and balladeer, Edwards croons and spins canonical tales of the American West with passion, poetry, and sharp factual detail in MASS MoCA’s Hunter Center on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 8pm.

Edwards’ love affair with music, specifically cowboy blues, started early in life. His first public performance was as a boy on the 1940′s rag circuit with his musical-magician father. At nine, he taught himself to play the guitar. Since his precocious entry into music, he has recorded numerous albums, two of which – Guitars & Saddle Songs and Songs of the Cowboy – are included in the Folklore Archives of the Library of Congress.

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