Other Voices, Other Rooms…

From Ton Lokal: Regular Nippertown contributor Timothy Reidy debuts his new monthly music column at Metroland

From Rolling Stone: Laurie Anderson’s essay about Lou Reed…

From the International Association for the Study of Popular Music: Darci Sprengel’s report on the International Cairo Jazz Festival, which featured performances by the Local 518’s own Arch Stanton Quartet…

From the Low Down Review: Singer-songwriter M.R. Poulopoulos relays the tale of why he just got his first tattoo

From Newsday: Lewis Beale interviews filmmaker, screenwriter and Schenectady native John Sayles on his new movie “Go for Sisters” and the state of independent filmmaking.

From The Times Union: Trudi Shaffer’s interview with Schenectady native and provocative lead singer Maria Brink of the metal marauders In This Moment, who play the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton park on Saturday (November 9).

From People Magazine: Something we didn’t know – Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams both celebrated their birthdays this week on November 5. Alex Heigl tells you how to tell them apart

From Mental Floss: Trivia Time! Betcha didn’t know that Salvador Dali designed the logo that appears on the wrapper of every Chuppa Chups lollipop.

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