ArtBeat: “assemblage” @ Crandall Public Library’s Friends Gallery

 "assemblage" @ Crandall Public Library's Friends Gallery

Story and photographs by Susan Brink

The current exhibition at Friends Gallery at the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls is titled “assemblage,” curated by the artist Jon Segan. There are seven artists represented, however it doesn’t feel overwhelming; the work is thoughtfully placed and spacious.

Art Historian and Skidmore Professor Emeritus James Kettlewell stated, “I would note that this is both the most striking and the most interesting art exhibit in the Capitol Region. In the art of assemblage, the artist assembles both found and created objects, in this case, into beautiful and expressive arrangements.

“The ‘beautiful’ in art is not the mysterious thing that people make it out to be, but simply pertains to the fact that the image is, what I like to say, ‘delicious’ to contemplate. This delectation, which is integral to beauty, is a matter of the arrangement of forms and colors in space, though it can also pertain to the expressive content of the work. The fact that such a variety of forms and media can be, in every case, distinctly beautiful, is what makes this exhibition such a marvelous and unique experience.”

In other words, don’t miss this one – GO before it closes on Friday, November 29.






  1. Joanna Albertson says

    Really a beautiful exhibit. I am temporarily disabled and unahle to walk very well, but found I had to walk all the way around and study each piece at least three times!

  2. susan brink says

    The artists exhibited are: Jon Segan, R. Jane Bouchard, Diane Golden, Paul Kant, Karen Koziol, Suzanne Reed and Joanna Tebbano.

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