1. Jam Head says

    I agree. The whole thing was a joke, put on by a bunch of rank amateurs that had no idea of what the hell they were talking about (ex: Eastbound Jesus is a jam band?) and who seemed more interested in propping up their own interests (Trickshots? Ever hear of a joint called Valentines?).

    Let’s hope this thing disappears.

  2. Local Music Lover says

    I was at the event and enjoyed watching the entertainment. Everyone seemed like they were networking and having a blast. A few of the folks I nominated won, so that was cool. Sounds like that “Kev Brock” guy is just bitter. Too bad because chances are he would have met some cool people.

  3. Mystery Man says

    Kev Brock is an idiot. This is the same man who wrote the following in a blog: “When you write a song, if you have to write the chord changes above your lyrics then you aren’t a musician.”

    Really, Kev? So since Beethoven wrote his music down, I guess he isn’t a musician? Or does he still qualify since he didn’t write chord changes above lyrics?

    Also, Kev wrote this about making his own CDs and getting them out to the public (this is a paraphrase): “I would never charge money for my music. I would give them away for free. I think it’s wrong for musicians to charge their fans money for their music.”

    Anyone reading this doesn’t even need me to comment on this to know how foolish it is…

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