LIVE: “Once Upon a Dream Starring the Rascals” @ the Palace Theatre, 11/24/13, Take Two

The Rascals
The Rascals

Review and photograph by Ted Were

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The only distractions were a muddled initial house mix, which was resolved after 15 minutes or so. The other was the rear projection screen used for the video presentation. It was like a drive-in screen comprised of many panels. These were maybe one-foot square, perhaps 40′ high by 60′ wide. A few of these had been replaced and were super bright when compared to the rest of the screen. The placement of these panels was, unfortunately, positioned in the narrator’s face. Annoying, given the concept of the show, but didn’t detract from the live music.

What I took away from the Palace show was a renewed appreciation of just how influential the Rascals were in the rock scene of the ’60s. They endured the British Invasion, were writing meaningful lyrics and soulful songs that were relevant to the times, and never “sold-out” to the machine that dictated image and content of the music industry then. Each of the Rascals performed their works admirably and tastefully, complemented by three backing vocalists, bass and keys that rounded out the Rascals often complex recordings.

Of course, as I was an aspiring drummer in the ’60s, Dino Danelli was worth the price of admission for me. He was my idol as a kid. Lots of spinning sticks and flash, uber-cool! But I learned a lot last night seeing and hearing him play. There was plenty of flash and sizzle, but it was more than tempered by the sheer simplicity, precision and support he provides that makes him such an admirable percussionist. The flash is just a bonus!

LIVE: “Once Upon a Dream Starring the Rascals” @ the Palace Theatre, 11/24/13

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  1. Bert Pagano says

    The 2nd half was anti-climatic marred by a really poor choice of obscure tunes and the heavy-handed social commentary which in my opinion does not really apply to the Rascals as they for the most part wrote some nice pop flavored R&B sings not protest songs. Dino is a great drummer.

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