LIVE: Electric Tophenjamin @ Brunswick Barbecue & Brew, 12/20/13

Review and video by Joel Patterson

I’ve been following the brothers Tophenjamin (being ChrisTOPHer and BenJAMIN Lane) for what seems like years. Maybe it has been years? I always wondered if they would one day fill out their maximum-acoustic-duo approach with a “proper” band behind them.

Well, careful what you daydream about…

With the addition of monster saxman Josh Greenberg, guitar dynamo Peter Bearup and rhythm ace Jason Maloney, the all-new Electric Tophenjamin is the party band we’ve all been waiting for. They do the thing where they get the whole room swaying and dancing and shrieking with delight.

Are they geniuses? Or just spirited siblings with a knack for letting the good times roll? Hard to know… we may need full DNA profiles, to test for the presence of the elusive Kinks/Creedence/Allman gene.

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