LIVE: Hey Jude…The Tribute @ Saratoga City Center, 12/31/13

Hey Jude

Review and photographs by L.P.G.

Hey Jude…The Tribute at First Night Saratoga 2014. What a way to ring in the new year… The Saratoga City Center was packed with several generations of Beatles fans who were “Happy Just to Dance” to such hit tunes as “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Hey Jude” and “Ticket to Ride.” The band members – Tom Raider as John Lennon, Brad Jarvis as Paul McCartney, Rick Bedrosian as George Harrison, Don Ackerman as Ringo Starr, and the “fifth Beatle” Rich Coogan – all gave stellar performances.

Hey Jude is a one-of-a-kind Beatles tribute band whose outgoing and genuine personalities shine through their tailored suits and mop-top haircuts. They really go the extra mile to please their fans — including post-show autographs to photos — and they make everyone feel fab.

The band’s humorous anecdotes and 1960s appearance transported the audience back in time to a long-gone era, filled with memories of watching the Fab Four on “The Ed Sullivan Show” on televisions with “rabbit ear” antennas. Their drum kit was elevated high above the band, surrounded by their eye-catching guitar collection and Vox amplifiers, which lined the stage. And it all took place in front of a starry evening backdrop that resembled the scene of a Shea Stadium Beatles concert at night. Now that’s pretty authentic…

They welcomed audience participation throughout the evening, instantly created a festive atmosphere and coaxing the First Nighters out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

New Year’s Eve is a time when opportunity knocks, and Hey Jude…the Tribute has endless opportunities in the year ahead. Their outstanding First Night performance was definitely one to remember – a fantastic way to ring in the new year.

Hey Jude...The Tribute

Hey Jude...The Tribute

Hey Jude...The Tribute

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