BEST OF 2013: Timothy Reidy’s Best Albany Concerts of the Year

Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett

Story and photographs by Timothy Reidy

Here’s my list of the Top 10 shows in Albany, NY, USA:

1. UK @ The Egg, April 25: A UK show and a King Crimson show all in one and very well done.
2. Wild Adriatic with Mirk @ the Bayou Café, February 15: Life did not get much better than this double bill of fun in February.
3. Steve Hackett @ The Egg, September 29: Almost missed this one, although it took 20 minutes for one song to be exceptional.
4. MOVE Music Festival @ various locations, April 27: Nostalgia and good new acts made this one extra special.
5. Art on Lark @ Lark Street, June 8: I paced myself right and saw lots of Meagan Duffy to boot.

6. Diego Garcia with Ashley Sofia @ The Linda, November 15: Dry performances work well at The Linda, and he was better than expected.
7. George Clinton & Parliament-Funkedelic @ Alive at 5 at Riverfront Park, June 27: If you could not have fun at this show, you should have left. Funky times abounded before the rain.
8. Timbre Coup with Consider the Source @ Red Square, December 31-January 1: This is how you start the new year off the right way with jamming and intricate sounds.
9. Blues Traveler with the Daley Brothers and Wild Adriatic @ the New York State Food Festival at the Empire State Plaza, August 14: Good triple shot of evening festivities, and Blues Traveler was spot on.
10. The Parlor with Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic @ Valentine’s Music Hall, October 26: The best show from the Parlor, plus Sgt. Dunbar and the Philharmonic were both in fine form.

(photo by Timothy Reidy)
George Clinton

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  1. Brett Williams says

    My favorite concert of the year was the Zombies this summer in Albany at the Plaza. A dream come true for me to finally see them live. Never thought they would be in the Capital Region.

  2. tim says

    that was a fine show. there are only ten spots.

  3. Frank says

    The Waterboys at the Egg . . .

  4. Tim says

    sorry frank, I have to be at that show to make it in my top 10.

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