BEST OF 2013: Berkshire on Stage’s Best Plays and Musicals of the Year

WAM’s Emilie was a stunner.
WAM’s Emilie was a stunner.

by Gail M.Burns, Roseann Cane and Larry Murray

Gail M. Burns: As the clock runs out on 2013, it’s memory time, and how blessed we are to be living and working in the Berkshire regional arts community. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, history will recognize this as an extraordinary time and place for the arts in America, especially for live theatre, which is what you, Roseann and I team up to cover.

Larry Murray: Our readers look to our reports for both guidance and to compare their reactions with ours. If we are the theatre-crazed trio, they are the force that keep our local theatre companies going.

Gail: We both acknowledge that there is more summer theatre in the region than any one person can cover, so this year we agreed to divide and conquer – for instance you covered the season in Williamstown and I covered the season in Chester, while Roseann pitched in to round out the coverage. Consequently there were many shows that only one of us saw, so this “Best of…” list reflects our combined opinions.

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