Remembering Billy Harrigan

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Billy Harrigan, mesmerizing frontman for such long-gone Local 518 bands as the Spikey & Creep Show, Cacauphonous Votive, Glaznost, Destructones, Toyz, Cyberchrist and Killtech. But he really made his mark at the helm of such ’80s bands as the Dronez, New Shiny Things, the Outpatients and Operation Pluto.

Harrigan passed away on November 22, 2001 – Thanksgiving Day. He was 43 years old.

Here’s to you, Billy…

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  1. Michael Eck says

    Billy gave me the cross. I had it for awhile in my apartment under the bridge, and then it was at my parent’s house for awhile, on the side porch. Lost to time now.

  2. Normando says

    Mike – what happened? Couldn’t guess Morris Day’s weight?

  3. Normando says

    The Spikey and Creep Show were one of my favorite bands ever. Never did a Venn diagram of performance art and kick-ass have such a sweet union.

  4. Michael Eck says


  5. Gene says


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