Who Is Metroland’s Mystery Man?

Jim Barrett (photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)
Jimmy Barrett (photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)


If you picked up a copy of Metroland magazine last Thursday and were wondering just whose face was gracing the cover of the alt-news weekly, well, Nippertown is here with the answer…

That’s Jimmy Barrett – the proprietor of the River Street Beat Shop – who is pictured holding the album cover of Cream’s classic Disraeli Gears album behind the counter of his truly fab vinyl-CD-books-DVD-VHS-and-so-much-more-rock-memorabilia shop in Troy.

Although the River Street Beat Shop is name-checked in passing in Drue Klinowski’s Metroland cover story, “All Sale Vinyl,” about the resurgence of vinyl album sales, Barrett’s name is never mentioned.

Barrett is a staunch lonooog-time supporter of the Local 518 music scene – not only as a musician with the infamous Lawn Sausages (who reunited in December and are threatening the do it all over again in April), but also as the long-time radio host of “Kaleidoscope” (currently with WVCR-FM out of Siena College in Loudonville).

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  1. J. Welf says

    Thought that was an odd story to use Jims pic but not really have anything else.

    ALbany hobo blanket strikes again!

  2. Mike Kelley says

    Jimmy Barrett has this great way of making you feel better about yourself than you have any right feeling.

  3. Drue Klinowski says

    Thanks for the clarification Nippertown!

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