The Low Down on the Low Beat: The Doors Are Open

The Low Beat

Photograph by Greg Haymes

And let the music begin…

Yesterday (Tuesday, February 11) at 5pm, Howe Glassman turned the key and kicked open the door to the Low Beat for the first time… just a couple of days after he shuttered the doors to his former nightspot, the beloved Valentine’s Music Hall, for the very last time on Saturday night. OK, it was really Sunday morning…

At the Low Beat on Tuesday, patrons were serenaded by the velvety, underground sound of Warhols Woodshed, and there’s a whole lot more music (and other events, too) on the calendar over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Here are a few of the shows that have already been lined up for the Low Beat:

Tonight (Wednesday, February 12): The Deadbeats (and every Wednesday)

Thursday, February 13: The Grassroots Rebels

Friday, February 14: Jam Express

Saturday, February 15: The Erotics with Skull Bandit, NY Jaded and Black Cat Elliot

Tuesday, February 18: Nitty Gritty Poetry Slam (and every other Tuesday)

Thursday, February 20: The Grassroots Rebels

Saturday, February 22: Alarms & Controls with Poor Lily and Eye and I

Monday, February 24: Warhols Woodshed

February 28: Blockhouses with the Piggies and Party Boat

Friday, March 7: Session Americana

Sunday, March 16: Maggot Brain with Hivesmasher, Bleak and Start the Reactor

Monday, March 17: Jonathan Richman

Tuesday, March 18: Porches. with the Slaughterhouse Chorus and Soft Powers

Thursday, March 20: Misled Youth with Arctic and Sepsis

Monday, March 31: Wussy

Saturday, April 5: Tweens

Saturday, April 5: Cloud Nothings with Cosmonauts and Tweens

Friday, April 18: Nixon’s Spirit with Karsyn, the Ameros and the Elements

Saturday, June 7: Hammer Hawk with Neighborhood of Make Believe, Bad History Month and Dust from 1000 Yrs

A nice batch of photos of the Low Beat’s opening night at Keep Albany Boring

  1. M.R. Poulopoulos says

    Congrats, Howe, and to the Low Beat crew as well. I’m looking forward to a pint. Might be during Session Americana. I dig it.

  2. Frank says

    congrats to Howe and the crew much success in the new place it looks great.

  3. Scott C. says

    I just a got a postcard with Jonathan Richman’s tour dates, and there’s a show at The Low Beat listed on Mon. March 17. St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. Greg says

    A postcard? How quaint… Thanks for the update, Scott

  5. Maurice says

    Went to the opening last night. The place looks great, everyone was in a happy mood and the beer was flowing too well for a school night.
    Congrats to Howard and friends for breathing life into this place and for creating another fun bar that’s really worth going to.

  6. Eric says

    Awesome. Can’t wait to get over there. Congrats Howard, Mike and crew!

  7. Greg says

    Hey, Eric, I stopped by this afternoon and sat in the Charmboy chair…

  8. Broadway says

    I can’t remember what I came in here for…..Dang!

  9. I'm so confused says

    Can’t find anything on how to get tickets for the Jonathan Richman show. (Not on Low Beat site or record label site). Any word on that?

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