Stageworks Hudson Presents Spencer Day: From Gas Station Attendant to Master of Song [Berkshire on Stage]

Spencer Day sings from the heart.
Spencer Day sings from the heart.

Story by Larry Murray

From the moment you first hear him sing, there is something about Spencer Day that brings you back to a simpler America, one where teens like me would make date money taking odd jobs and the Great American Songbook was in full bloom. Nat “King” Cole, Parry Como and Dean Martin were the crooners along with Frank Sinatra, who made the Great American Songbook what it is.

Long after those days were past, Spencer Day was born, not surprisingly in just another small town (in Utah) on June 28, 1978. Following his parents’ separation, he lived with his grandparents in Arizona. After working in a gas station, he moved to California. Perhaps it is because Day started out working traditional jobs that he has not only remained humble, but there is also an essential remnant of innocence in every song he sings that reaches out and makes contact with your heart and, yes, even your soul. He’s just released his fourth album, The Mystery of You, and has been at this music-making for more than a decade, and as he grows older, his music matures along with him, with a resonant deepness that continues to connect.

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