LIVE: Oobleck @ Bacchus, 2/15/14

Audrey Van Genechten and Scott Vorwald
Audrey Van Genechten and Scott Vorwald

Review and photographs by Katie Vorwald

Oobleck made their way to Bacchus Restaurant to share their brand of grunged-out, down-and-dirty funk with the revelers of New Paltz.

Trumpet player Audrey Van Genechten led the party, with sax player Scott Vorwald channeling the low country funk of New Orleans and adding pinch of fuzz ‘n’ quack to the mix with his effects rig.

This was bassist Sam Parker’s first show with Oobleck. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Parker replaced Nick Wallas, who moved on to his new project, Rival Galaxies. Parker stepped up to the plate and laid down some tasty funk slap-bass, with guitarist Bill Murray and drummer Kevin Van Genechten keeping the rhythm section right in the pocket.

Oobleck continues on to their home-away-from-home, Burlington, to play Nectar’s at 11pm tonight (Thursday, February 20).

What You Gonna Do
The Bounce
Jekyll & Hyde
Wombat Song
Rules of Engagement
Funk Sucker
Leaded Diesel > Foreign Toilet
Happy Trails
Dream > Rise & Shine
In the Pocket
Soul Strut
My Kid Sister > Elusive > Anti Accident
Waiting for Ryan

Kevin Van Genechten
Kevin Van Genechten
Sam Parker
Sam Parker

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