LIVE: Maurizio @ Smith’s of Cohoes, 2/21/14

Review and video Joel Patterson

Walking into Smith’s is like stepping back into time, to the era of Prohibition and speakeasies. Why does that feel so comforting and natural? Is it because we are living through our own Prohibition era, in our very own thoroughly modern way? Mmmm, maybe, but I am prone to think it’s more about the concept of “refuge.” A restaurant/bar with a gracious and welcoming staff is always going to feel like a haven and a hideaway, and it was shelter from the storm last Friday when Maurizio brought his one-man fiesta to Cohoes. Here’s a singer whose calypso demons and springy, eternal optimism are the perfect medicine for a crowd of desperadoes and week-night fugitives. And your correspondent screamed for “Sugarcane” until M’zo finally relented and played this signature tune about seeking the better things in life. I don’t think Smith’s is a real speakeasy, though. I didn’t see no burly guy at the door saying, “Pssst… what’s the password?”

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