LIVE: Troy Night Out, 2/28/14

Words and video by Joel Patterson

Given the weather on the street – 10 degrees and falling – it was all Troy Night IN last Friday evening, when everyone huddled in their chosen cozy habitat with their fellow humanity and celebrated the triumph of the human spirit over, well, pretty much everything.

Keith Pray’s Soul Jazz Revival once again ruled the roost at Spillin’ the Beans with their swinging, non-stop, friendly jazz – and once again, Keith was nowhere to be seen. Ben Karis-Nix (half of the team of he and Taylor Gillis, who run Troy Cloth & Paper) gave a command performance of his stream-of-consciousness pop-folk. The C.C. Vagabonds had couples swirling on the dance floor at the Daily Grind. And if your latest obsession is the trance-like, overpowering, soothing, blitzkrieg-y music of lastdayshining, no amount of it could possibly ever be enough.

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