AC Battles DC in “Westinghouse and Edison: War of Currents” at Ventfort Hall [Berkshire on Stage]

Inventors Thomas Edison (l) and George Westinghouse (r).
Inventors Thomas Edison (l) and George Westinghouse (r).

Veteran actor Douglas Weeks will reenact a fierce battle that took place at the beginning of the electrification of America. Back then individuals did the inventing, and sold the benefits, not the huge corporations that would follow in their footsteps.

There’s not only a great story of clashing personalities but deep history behind “Westinghouse and Edison: War of Currents” which is being performed at Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum in Lenox on Saturday (March 29) at 3:30pm. A Victorian tea will be offered after the performance.

Weeks will take on the role of George Westinghouse, 19th century inventor, industrialist and a pioneer in the early days of the electrical industry. Although Westinghouse invented a wide range of mechanical equipment including the railroad air brake, Weeks will focus on the titanic battle between Westinghouse and Thomas Edison in creating a system for distributing electrical power.

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